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New Jersey Appeals

After almost twenty years teaching law school students about appeals, the new Vice Dean at Rutgers, Weisbord, has his own plans for this class. I will therefore not be teaching this semester. Sorry students! Thank you to those who contacted me about it and, again, sorry! I may go back to teach at Seton Hall Law School, where I taught prior to Rutgers. Stay tuned!

The book New Jersey Appellate Practice is recommended, not required.  The book, however, is something that you may be happy to have when preparing your brief for this class or after you start practicing law.  Once class ends, the student discount is no longer available.

There is none! Enjoy!
Here is a link to the Student Handbook:

It is your responsibility to confirm that this is the most current version and that you comply with it.

Your Student Handbook states:

Graduation Writing Requirement: All students must satisfy the upper class writing requirement. Students may meet the graduation writing requirement by completing a piece of work including critical analysis of a legal question and which may include professional papers such as pleading's which are the consequence of analytic work. Normally, the work will be at least 25 doubled-spaced typed pages, and must be completed one semester prior to graduation (unless prior permission to do it during the last semester has been obtained from Dean Rothman). Some examples of ways to meet this requirement are: . . . appellate advocacy coursework . . . .The faculty member who certifies a paper as satisfying this requirement must be satisfied that the paper is of adequate quality, and may find the paper inadequate for certification even if the student received a passing grade on the paper.

The "ADDING AND DROPPING COURSES" section of your Student Handbook applies to this class.  That section provides:

After the third class, the transcripts of students who withdraw from a course will reflect the grade of "W." Caveat: the instructor's permission also will be required in a course or seminar with a small enrollment where reliance on the student's participation may be an integral part of the course, but such permission shall not be unreasonably withheld.


The "CLASS ATTENDANCE" section of your Student Handbook applies to this class.  While the entire section is applicable, please note in particular the following portion:

A faculty member is permitted to count classroom performance – both good and bad performance – in grading, provided he has informed the students of that intention at the beginning of the semester. 

Find a typo on a class slide, a misstatement during a class presentation, or a typo on this website and you will earn yourself a Schrute buck.  The Schrute buck rules discussed in class apply.

Thank you to my former law students for a rewarding experience.  If you are a former student, please do not hesitate to contact me should you have questions about appeals or any other legal issues that you encounter while practicing law, . . . including finding a job! 

Thank you, Jeffrey S. Mandel 

Jeffrey S. Mandel, adjunct professor of law, Appellate Advocacy

rutgers law school

Upper-Class Elective Course
Room 122, course 698
(3 law school credits)

A study of appellate practice and procedure, brief writing, and oral advocacy through both lectures and practical experiences. Each student is given the record of an actual case and is required to prepare a full brief and present an oral argument.

New Jersey Appellate Practice (Gann Law Books 2017).  Students currently enrolled at Rutgers Law School can purchase this book for $30.00 (reduced by Gann Law Books from $147.00) at class.

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